Our commitment

Doing more today to build a better tomorrow.



Reducing the environmental impact of every property we own and operate 

As a significant player in a resource-intensive industry, we know that every action we take impacts the environment. By minimizing waste, reducing water and energy consumption, lowering carbon emissions, and investing in renewable energy and innovation, we are responsible stewards of the environment. As part of the ESG strategy, Minto set targets to reduce portfolio energy use by 10% and water use by 5% by 2025 compared to a 2019 baseline.

a tall building in a city


Building safe and vibrant spaces to live and work.

As an employer and landlord, we recognize the profound responsibility we hold in the lives of those we serve. Our commitment is to continually invest in our employees and communities, creating secure and vibrant environments where they can thrive.

Our approach includes:
- Enhancing employee ESG expertise through comprehensive training initiatives
- Identifying and addressing systemic inequities to foster diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our operations
- Exploring best practices for collecting employee diversity data to inform our initiatives
- Prioritizing resident well-being by implementing core health and well-being features 
- Engaging our residents through programs designed to foster connections and drive positive change
- Strengthening our community impact by defining our focus and future approach towards community engagement, charitable giving, and volunteer efforts

Kitchen Bar   Dining Room at 123 Portland in Toronto. Condo in King West by Minto Communities.


We're safeguarding the future of our business. 

By investing in effective governance, ethical practices, and solid infrastructure, we ensure that our business remains strong and resilient. 

- Assess the physical and transition risks of climate change for our portfolio.
- Design new projects for resilience to extreme weather events.
- Update emergency response and business continuity plans. 
- Enhance ESG requirements in procurement to ensure support for Minto's ESG priorities. 
- Embed ESG innovation into our culture, products, and processes. 
- Strengthen the cybersecurity program through effective security management practices and controls.
- Implement a strategy for building certification/verification.

a tall building in a city