High Park

Discover the benefits of living in High Park, Toronto

An electric urban oasis boasting lush greenery, serene ponds, vibrant dog parks and recreational facilities, offering a peaceful retreat on the westside of the city.


Welcome to High Park

A leafy sanctuary spanning 400 acres, High Park is renowned for its vast green spaces, scenic trails, and Instagram-worthy cherry blossoms. Home to Grenadier Pond, playgrounds, sports facilities, and a zoo, it offers a diverse range of activities fun for the whole family, and just 15-minutes from downtown. Whether strolling through its wooded trails, picnicking by the pond, or enjoying one of the many events at the amphitheater, High Park provides a escape from the urban hustle and bustle of Toronto, making it a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike.

The vibe

A tranquil environment with a welcoming, neighbour-focused energy. 

Neighbourhood favourite

Visit the local favourite, Hannah's Café, situated next to the park itself.

Biggest perk

Well-connected to the High Park subway station, plus endless off-leash areas.

Fun fact

Home to one of the oldest and largest cherry blossom groves in Canada. 

Why we love it

Endless entertainment and learning for everyone in the family.

Must visit

Visit Colborne Lodge in High Park, then the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground.

High Park highlights

Experience the benefits of living in High Park.


All the amenities you'll need at your fingertips, from daycares, schools, shopping, dining, and more.

Green space

Surrounded by beautiful parks and trails, the High Park itself is spread across 400-acres, with mature trees and ponds.


Boasting a family- and student-friendly community, it's also culturally diverse with the top 5 languages being English, Russian, Polish, French and Serbian.


Connected to the heart of the city by Subway Line 2, plus plenty of bike paths, and entertainment within walking distance. 

By the numbers

Demographic information about High Park.

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High Park gallery

Explore all that High Park and the surrounding area has to offer. 

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