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Oakville is the ultimate sweet spot for those craving the perfect blend of urban buzz and suburban serenity. Nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario, it’s known for its properous neighborhoods, charming downtown area, and abundance of green spaces. 

Toronto, located only about 30km east of Oakville, is easily accessible by the GO Train, which runs every 30 minutes out of the center of town. Whether you want to explore the stunning waterfront, lace up your hiking boots or eat authentic cuisine at top-rated restaurants, Oakville has something for everyone all year-round. 

Food + Restaurants 

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While in Oakville, its crucial to try some of the town’s favourite restaurants. Like most of the GTA, Oakville’s got a diverse culinary with global influence. From upscale dining establishments to easy take-outs, check out these must-eat restaurants in Oakville: 

Colossus Greek Taverna - $$ 

  • This restaurant offers guests an array of authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes, with vegetarian options!

Maro’s Bistro - $$/$$$ 

  • This top-rated Oakville bistro is a hotspot among locals. The restaurant serves Mediterranean style dishes for lunch or dinner (or both!). 

Sidra Shawarma & Grill - $

  • Known for its fresh ingredients and friendly staff, this little gem in the south-west area is perfect for take-out or to eat-in. 


Woman sitting at trendy cafe with her latptop open and reading her phone

Ditch the library and grab a table and coffee in downtown Oakville instead. Lakeshore Road is filled with friendly, relaxing coffee shops and study nooks that provide the perfect spot to caffeinate and focus. Here are two must-try’s

Tribeca Coffee Co - $ 

  • Take a break from your ordinary Starbucks run and immerse yourself in the charm of Tribeca Coffee Co, nestled on Lakeshore Road. This cozy, local spot provides a great space to study or catch up with friends.

Figaro Coffee House - $$

  • With their beautiful outdoor patio, Figaro makes the perfect summer spot to grab a coffee, croissant and enjoy the morning sun. If you can’t find a spot at Tribeca, just walk five minutes down Lakeshore, you are almost guaranteed to find one here. 

Pubs + Bars 

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Whether you're in the mood for handcrafted cocktails or a curated beer selection, these bars offer a great nightlife experience outside of the big city. Grab a drink with friends at one of these hot spots - cheers:

Kings Arms - $$$ 

  • Kings Arms is truly a local classic with a small patio tucked into a charing corridor. Located in downtown Oakville, this historic pub has a wide selection of fine foods, and a great late-night bar vibe with a DJ. Just be weary to get there before 10 pm on weekends to avoid lines. 

Monoghans Sports Pub & Grill - $ 

  • This pub is the spot to grab some wings, a bevvy and watch a game. With its close proximity to Sheriden College, and being open until 2am Thursdays & Fridays, it’s a great after hours hangout for students. 

Beertown Public House - $$ 

  • Beertown is a great option for those looking to grab a meal and stay for some drinks later into the night. Open until 1AM Thursday through Saturday, the bar has always got a fun vibe with good music, making it a social hotspot. 

Attractions + Activities 

A couple leaning on one another while sitting on a car watching an outdoor film

From historic landmarks to drive in movie dates, Oakville offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors of all interests. Get ready to immerse yourself in the charm of this vibrant town as you explore these fun-for-everyone attractions: 

The 5 Drive-in Theatre - $ 

  • Open 7 days a week and costing only $9 per person, Oakvilles drive-in theatre is a great late night activity to plan with family, friends or a date. They’ve got the oldies and brand new films ranging from G to R-rated- something for everyone! 

Dave & Busters - $$$ 

  • Offering the fun combination of arcade games, mouthwatering food, and a vibrant atmosphere, Dave & Busters it's the perfect choice to unleash your inner kid and create memories with friends.

Oakville Museum - $

  • A museum trip – oh the nostalgia! The Oakville museum is a great inexpensive, day activity that lets you dive into the town's rich history, explore captivating exhibits, and admire local art. It's a perfect blend of education and entertainment, that’ll leave you with a deeper appreciation for Oakville's heritage.


Last, but certainly not least, there are so many opportunities to get outside! Oakville offers a variety of trails that cater to all levels of hikers! So, lace up your boots, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that awaits. Here’s our top three picks for hiking trails in Oakville: 

McCraney Valley Park – 2 km, moderate 

  • Located just in and behind Sheridan College, this looping trail is great for running, walking and hiking. For the most part, the terrain is flat, mostly unpaved, and shaded making it a dog’s paradise. 

Morrison Valley South Park – 8.5 km, easy

  • This easy, looping trail located in Holton Heights is mostly paved making it great for running, walking, and biking. Its mostly shaded, with great music from the birds making it a great nature escape. 

Lakeside Park – 5.8 km, easy

  • On the waterfront, Lakeside Park offers a gorgeous pathway paved for walkers and runners to enjoy the scenery and get in their steps. It’s a flat trail that guides pedestrians past beautiful homes, museums, gardens and two harbours. 

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