Sustainability & green living | { 5 MIN READ | 2023-07-18

Even in uncertain times, it’s possible to create serenity within our own homes – and one of the best ways to do that is with plants. 

In addition to the beauty that live, green plants bring to your home, they also offer a slew of health and wellness benefits, including air filtration, skin healing and restful sleep. Here are 6 of our favourite small space plants for a peaceful home.

Say “aloe” to our little friend

Small aloe plants

With summer finally here, aloe vera is a great plant to have in your green repertoire. Not only is it perfect for small spaces, but it can:

Assist in the healing of sunburns, 

Be a super moisturizer, and

Be ingested to help in detoxing the body. 

Check out this article discussing the possibilities of aloe vera in cooking, too. It really is a wonder plant!

Beyond helping with healing and detoxing, aloe vera is also often used to help maintain the quality of air in your home. This thick leafed beauty purifies your air of pollutants that can be found in the cleaning products that we’ve stocked up on lately. 

Quick tip: Aloe vera is low maintenance. Just be sure to put it in the sunniest spot of your home! 

Finding inner peace

Girl holding green leafy plant in front of face

Peace lilies are beautiful to look at and similar to aloe vera, purify the air in your home. Known for ridding your air of everyday toxins, peace lilies do well anywhere you place them in your home. 

When you’re living in a small space, sometimes it’s difficult to give your plants the amount of sun they need to thrive. Peace lilies do best in shaded areas, so no need to worry if your windows are north facing – your peace lily will stay brilliant all year long with minimal sunlight. 

Quick tip: If you notice your peace lily wilting, try adding a little bit of sugar to your watering can the next time your plant is thirsty. 

The perfect roommate

Collection of plants in the corner of an apartment

Depending on the orientation of your space, sometimes it’s difficult to find a plant that’s right for your bedroom. 

Despite the name, snake plants are pleasant to look at and equally functional. Known for their quick absorption of carbon dioxide during the day, they release the majority of their oxygen at night making them the perfect roommate!  

Quick tip: Snake plants are very popular for those with a busy lifestyle, as they need very little water and sunlight to survive.

De-stress with a bamboo palm

Green leafy plant with smokey light bulb top

Give your space the perfect amount of Zen with a bamboo palm. In addition to their beautiful and intricate shoots, they’re the perfect addition to your working-from-home office or meditation space, soothing any stress you may have. 

Known for being at the top of the list of plants that detoxify your air on NASA’s Clean Air Study, the bamboo palm does a great job at getting rid of chemical compounds such as benzene and trichloroethylene, which cause stress on the human body. 

Quick tip: This tall beauty does best with lots of water and indirect sunlight. Keeping up with its watering schedule will have it producing new shoots constantly! 

Heard it through the pothos vine

White desk with pothos vine and palm tree

Are you looking to give your space a little more of a greenery edge? Consider hanging a golden pothos in your kitchen.

Another green gem in replacing the toxins in your air with clean oxygen, this plant can be hung from your ceiling, allowing your counter space to remain free for all the new recipes you’re trying while staying home.  

Quick tip: These vines grow quickly! As they grow, you can clip some of the stems for propagation, so you can bring the beauty of these green vines to other spaces in your home! 

Everything’s coming up roses 

Rose bouquet

While it’s not necessarily practical to have a rose bush in your bathroom, it’s pretty simple to incorporate the flower’s elements into your morning bathroom routine. 

In the morning, start your day with a calming spritz of rose water. While staying home, create your own bottle by following this easy DIY instructional.

Spray rose water on your face after your usual skincare routine and embrace the sweet and calming scent while letting the cool water prep you for the day ahead. 

Quick tip: Spray rose water on your face any time you’re feeling stress or anxiety to help bring you to your happy place. 

  o If you find yourself truly calmed by the smell of roses, consider planting your own miniature roses to have the scent around you in your home. 

Plants are a great way to bring colour and life to your home. When you pick out your next leafy friend, consider the health benefits they offer – whether it be to mind, body or soul. Be sure to take good care of your plants by reading proper care instructions and avoiding over- or under-watering. Most of all, keep your air pure, your mind clear, and your home serene.